It’s no secret that in the world of public relations, social media influencers are becoming more and more powerful to amplify your brand’s message – far beyond what traditional media alone can do. Securing the right influencer for your client is much like dating- it’s important to know what you’re looking for and not to leap into the wrong relationship. To be sure that you’re on the right path for the right partnership, LHG has compiled a list of five key qualities to seek out in an influencer. Here’s to finding the perfect match!


“Engagement” is a buzz word used in the public relations and social media world quite a bit, but what does it mean? In assessing an influencer’s engagement rate it is important to look at the number of average likes and comments that person is receiving in relation to his/her overall following. With the number of different apps and platforms now available that allow influencers to pay for followers and engagement, it is crucial that you take a look at these numbers and see if they add up. A general formula that LHG likes to use to measure an influencer’s engagement is Total Likes + Total Comments / Total Followers. If the percentage is below 1% stay away, as that person’s followers and comments are more than likely “bots” and paid for. AKA- If you see an influencer with 1,000,000 followers only receiving a few hundred likes on their posts, they are no doubt paying for followers. An engagement rate between 1%-3.5% is considered average while an engagement rate above 3.5% is considered great, and an influencer worth seeking out for a partnership.

When looking at an influencer’s engagement it’s also a good idea to search their comments on their own posts. Is he/she responding to followers with genuine, non-scripted answers and how often? Are the majority of comments left on an influencer’s feed left without a like or response? These are all great questions to ask oneself when on the hunt for an engaging influencer partner. Everyone who has been on a bad date knows a disengaged person leads to ditching dessert and dashing for the door. Be sure and be on the lookout for engaging influencers in your search for Mr. or Mrs. Right.



Everyone knows that being your true, authentic self when dating leads you to find a lasting partner, while pretending to be someone you’re not only results in the wrong match. It’s important to select influencers who are authentic on their social media platforms and form positive relationships with their audiences. How does one determine the authenticity of an influencer? Pay close attention to the tone and verbiage the influencer is using – not only in their posts, but in their Instagram stories and comments as well. Does the influencer maintain the same voice throughout her feed or are they all over the map in terms of what they are promoting or passionate about? If seeking an influencer in the culinary industry, do his/her posts center around food and drink or is there a mix of paid product and fashion posts sprinkled in the mix? Do they have cultural credibility and align with brands they believe in? It’s important to ask these sorts of questions in the process of finding an authentic influencer partner.


influencer @cailaquinn’s Instagram feed


It’s never a bad idea to do your homework to get a feel for a person’s past before committing to a date. Raise your hand if you are guilty of social media stalking via Facebook or Instagram prior to a first date? Much the same, it’s important to research an influencer’s past work with brands to see if they are a fit for your particular client. Has this influencer held successful partnerships with brands with the same mission, demographic and creative energy as your client or are you hoping to be the first? Spend some time browsing through an influencer’s Instagram feed and confirm he/she has a collection of examples of mutually beneficial partnerships with high post likes and comments. And what do we call these likes and comments? You guessed it- engagement! Look how far we’ve come together!



Who doesn’t want to date someone accomplished, with a history of achievements and past successes? Do some research to see if the influencer you are considering partnering with has garnered media attention or been awarded with any noteworthy accolades. Don’t be afraid to request case studies, sample coverage or media kits if unable to find much information online. Some of the best influencers we have found at LHG were first spotted in online roundups and lists indicating the Best Influencers in a specific region or industry. Some lists we are currently loving at LHG are Forbes “30 Power Players making a Fortune on Social Media” along with Conde Nast Traveler’s “42 Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now.” 

Using a specific influencer search platform such as Cision, Klear or GroupHigh also enables you to search for influencers in a specific industry (such as travel, culinary, home décor) and filter results based on criteria such as followers, engagement, home city, etc. You can then create and save lists using your platform of choice to reference on an ongoing basis, making notes as you go regarding your experience working with the influencers and if you would recommend hosting again or not.



When vetting influencers, it’s important to collect a signed contract prior to hosting with clear expectations spelled out regarding commitments on both their end and yours. Written agreements help to set expectations and avoid complications. Your contract should outline what the influencer will be hosted for (accommodations, meals, activities?), along with details for compensation (if required), confirmed content (how many posts and on what platforms) and timeline for postings (pre-trip, real time and/or post-trip). Don’t be afraid to ask influencers if they would be willing to share a collection of images from their trip or hosted experience with you after hosting to forward to the client for their own marketing and social media purposes. Photography is expensive and many times influencers are happy to pass along their favorite high-quality images as long as they receive photo credit. Confirming commitment is key in seeking both an influencer partner and life partner. A written contract helps ensure that expectations are met on both sides and that the partnership is mutually beneficial.