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Houston Branding Agency Services


At Lou Hammond – Houston, we create brands from the ground up, rebrand existing brands and revive mature brands. We’re Houston’s local experts at naming, logo design, visual identities, and developing the marketing campaigns to support those brands. Our proprietary Aha! Brand Discovery™ program was created to help you understand your brand difference and keep your messaging “on brand” and relevant to your audience.


The Branding Concept

A name and a logo do not constitute a brand. A name and a logo are certainly ambassadors of a brand, but the essence of a brand is the cerebral contract you make with consumers in Houston, TX or anywhere you do business.

Like Texas, Be One of a Kind

If you're not a one-of-a-kind brand, you're a one-is-as-good-as-any-other commodity. And that puts your chance of thriving in the market somewhere between improbable and impossible.

Tests & Analysis

As part of our "best brand practices," Lou Hammond Group - Houston can assist your branding efforts by organizing focus groups, consulting on beta testing and conducting competitive analysis and surveys.