What you need to know to help build your marketing strategy

Your customers are one of the most important factors in your marketing equation. Whether you have an established customer base or an aspirational set of target consumers, conducting an analysis on who you are trying to attract is key. Developing a customer profile allows you to assess where to focus your marketing efforts and dollars.

Key Factors to Identify

What is important to them?

Knowing what is important to your customers allows you to tailor your products, services and messaging so that you speak to what is most important. Are they a young working professional looking for local or sustainable products? Are they a family on a budget looking for ways to make life easier while maintaining a budget? Are they empty nesters looking to create memories with those who are most important to them? Each of these groups require very different messaging and targeting to effectively gain their attention and win them as customers.

How and where do they consume content?

One of the most valuable things you can do is identify where your customers spend time. Do they scroll TikTok for four+ hours a day or are into newspapers and magazines? Do they turn on the news every morning like clockwork or did they cut the cord three years ago and haven’t seen a traditional news segment since then? Knowing how and where your audiences consume content is vital to understand how and where you appear in thier daily lives.

How do they shop?

Understanding how your customers spend their dollars will help tailor your path to purchase and conversion goals. Does your target consumer shop exclusively online? Then an easy to find and navigate online store front with google and apple pay integrations are imperative. Or does your consumer like to buy in person, wanting connection before committing to a product or service? Then a welcoming store front that is prominently listed on your website, social profiles, Google Business profiles and other listing sites is crucial.

So how do you get this information? One of the easiest ways is simply by talking with your target customers. This can be informal. A conversation while they are shopping in store, or a question posted on your Instagram story. Or structured and formalized through surveys, interviews and focus groups. If you have a significant amount of customer shopping data, a deep dive with a Claritas Prizm can help you create a complete picture of your consumer. Ultimately, the more you know the better your marketing decisions.


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