In today’s world, social media has become a part of many people’s daily lives. From searching Instagram to see the newest fashion style to mindlessly scrolling TikTok to watch the entertaining TikTok trends, it’s safe to say that many people are consumed on a daily basis.

As someone who works in the world of social media, I’ve seen firsthand that algorithms change on a daily basis and sometimes it can be tricky to adapt your social strategy to align with your business goals. The key is to understand the new trends and figure out a way to stand out among them. 

Read on for what will be trending for 2022.

TikTok will become huge

Think about TikTok as an immersive entertainment experience. Brands that are authentic and genuine show the best results. Brands are also encouraged to engage like a user, build a narrative and create with intent. As 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34, staying engaged is more important than ever. When considering your TikTok strategy, you will want to keep these key insights in mind:

  • 37% of viral videos are of a person speaking (51% into the camera)
  • 58% of viral videos have a happy emotional impression
  • 36.5% of viral videos are comedy
  • 56% of viral videos had music (25.2% are pop songs)
  • Use keywords other than “FYP”, “trending” or “viral” (TikTok has stated that hashtags such as #fyp or #foryoupage have little impact on popularity)

Source: Social Media Today

Video content will be a priority

Gone are the days when Instagram photos will be pushed to the front of your homepage. Instead, you will notice that you will see more video content amongst the people you follow. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, that platform plans to “double down” on its focus on video content in 2022. When creating Reels, you will want to keep these key insights in mind:

  • Focus on inspiring or educating content
  • Use beautiful visuals and brief captions
    • If you are educating the audience, break the message down to 4-5 short statements that can be displayed at different points in the Reel
    • Use brand hashtags or any relevant travel tags in the caption
  • Education should be a core focus
  • Display information in a way that is quick and digestible
  • Focus on creating a connection and showing that values align rather than selling a product
  • Carefully planned and executed videos are effective for showing a brand’s personality and values
  • Highlight what differentiates your brand

Source: Social Media Today

Paid advertising will become essential

According to Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends survey, more than half (51.4%) of marketers surveyed informed that they plan to increase their paid social spend this year. As Hootsuite states, 38% of marketers will heavily focus on TikTok for increased social spending as that platform has seen a 700% increase in being effective for business goals. 

Influencer marketing will continue to soar

Over the past 5 years, influencer marketing has taken off. Globally, influencer marketing-related companies increased by 26% in the year 2021, reaching nearly 19,000 firms offering or specializing in these services. Because of this, 68% of marketers plan to crease their influencer marketing spend in 2022. 

According to the State of the Influencer Marketing 2022: Benchmark Report from Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing industry is set to grow approximately $16.4 billion in 2022. If your budget isn’t allowing for paid social, investing in influencers could be a cheaper alternative that is just as effective. There are influencers for every niche: travel, wellness, golf, fashion… you name it! They have proven time and time again that they can help marketers successfully achieve marketing goals.