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This week, LHG attended the virtual 2021 Global Wellness Trends Media Showcase where the expert Global Wellness Summit team and contributors shared this year’s emerging wellness trends. In the year emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness is more vital and top of mind than ever. Read the nine wellness trends below with LHG’s snapshot of each.

“The 2021 GWS Trends Report captures the nature of the paradigm shift caused by COVID-19 and the myriad ways in which wellness has taken hold. It reflects the perspective of global economists, academics, futurists and CEOs of international corporations from related fields within the $4.5 trillion wellness economy, providing a powerful, informed set of predictions, researched and written by top journalists and thinkers.

Wellness has gone from being a nice to have to a must-have for all.”
Susie Ellis, Chair & CEO Nancy Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director | Global Wellness Summit

Read excerpts online courtesy of Global Wellness Summit.

2021 Global Wellness Trends at a glance:

Hollywood and the Entertainment Industries Jump into Wellness

Snapshot: From music, TV, streaming fitness programming, meditation apps to podcasts – wellness captures global mainstream media attention and device dominance 2021.

The Future of Immune Health: Stop Boosting, Start Balancing

Snapshot: Long term immunity requires more than singular boosts. Immune health will center on healthy routines and lifestyles. Expect to hear more about a proactive, intentional focus on metabolic health, gut health, personalized nutrition, stress management, gut health, sleep quality, exercise and hydration.

Spiritual and Numinous Moments in Architecture

Snapshot: Similar to the prolonged immunity approach, this trend opts against fast interior fashion and fads to deliberately designed soulful architecture and interiors that meaningfully impact wellbeing

Just Breathe!

Snapshot: Breathwork emerges from a esoteric wellness phrase to a powerful health tool. Welcome a drug-free way to achieve clarity and calm that can help ease depression, anxiety, hypertension and chronic pain. Om to that!

The Self-Care Renaissance

Snapshot: Imagine a yin-yang of self-care and health-care. Proactive wellness and self-care become equally as significant and impactful as healthcare with innovative convergence and duality of the two to unfold.

Adding Color to Wellness

Snapshot: The wellness industry is whitewashed. It is necessary for wellness as a whole to reflect the global array of individuals. Substantive change is upon us with Black wellness at the forefront. Diversity and inclusivity in wellness is an overdue and essential focus.

Resetting Events with Wellness

Snapshot: The pandemic drastically disrupted the meeting and events industry, but as we gather again, wellness and attendee safety will be top of mind. Anticipate creative innovations to meet while mitigating risks and fostering engagement as social interaction for togetherness and relationship building runs eternal.

Money Out Loud

Snapshot: Financial health deserves a reboot as well. While money has long been a DND (do not discuss) topic, in a culture with authenticity reining supreme, a financial wellness awakening is upon us. Anticipate more honest, progressive conversations about money and its impact on wellness and how to improve that relationship.

2021: The Year of the Travel Reset

Snapshot: Post pandemic travel is all about “rebooting better.” Travelers will be intentional and mindful in travel choices. Travel and nature have the power to restore and as individuals resume travel – safety and purpose driven travel will be top of mind. Responsible tourism, supporting local communities, savoring natural environments and reigniting togetherness after time apart will be key.

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