Last week, we had the great pleasure of honoring our leader at the opening reception of Principle Gallery’s latest installation, 50 Portraits of Charleston: the heartbeat of the Holy City.


This installation by oil painter Kyle Stuckey with words by Taylor DuVall showcases 50 portraits of people that live in Charleston and call it their home, and it has two main goals: to showcase those who make a positive impact on Charleston in all their unique ways and to encourage an art culture that brings us all together.

The 50 chosen come from various backgrounds, careers and walks of life, with professions ranging from artists to doctors, public servants to educators and chefs to Instagram models. Referring to the diverse group of individuals, Stuckey explains he “wanted to highlight the beautiful diversity that makes a vibrant community and showcase the people that work to make this city the best it can be.”


Each honoree is painted on a 14×11 portrait in Stuckey’s artistic style, working to capture the essence of each individual. A short write-up by Taylor DuVall of what each Charlestonian does and who they are as a person accompanies each painting.


Here is the write-up for our very own Lou Hammond:

That’s our Lou! We’re so proud of all that she does.


25% of all work sold is being given to the local charity Teachers’ Supply Closet.


To learn more about Principle Gallery and this latest installation, visit their website: