What’s in a name? For Lou Hammond & Associates, it emblemizes 34 years of history. So you can imagine how seriously we took the thought of changing it. But with the recent additions to our staff—along with an expanded menu of services in branding, advertising and digital—we recently subjected ourself to some serious, honest soul-searching and concluded it was time for a change.

The result? As of today, the agency dubbed Lou Hammond & Associates in 1984 has a new name.

We are now Lou Hammond Group.

It’s a subtle but significant change that reflects who we are, what we do, how we do it and where we see ourselves heading.

We’ve always been a highly collaborative agency, so the word group makes perfect sense for today as well as the future towards which we’re strategically journeying. Still, some things will never change. Although we have a new name and logo, we’re still rooted to our trademark level of exemplary customer service.

We are storytellers. As a group of folks who love nothing better than a good story, we’re constantly turning the pages. So we’re all excited about this new chapter in our business, and we’re eager to discover where this change carries us next. We know you share our excitement because together we’ve built a solid relationship. To learn more about our rebranding and expanded services, give us a call at 212-308-8880 or email us at mailto:lhg@louhammond.com.


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